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Soccer is an excellent source of fitness for people of all ages.  There is a minimal need for equipment....just a good pair of cleats, some shin guards and a ball.  At Play It Again Sports, we have an extensive selection of soccer cleats of various colors and brands from the smallest child sizes up to large adult sizes.  We have training aides and several new and used soccer balls in various sizes.  Don't forget to bring in your gently-used cleats to trade in towards a new pair!

new soccer balls 

We have soccer balls in sizes 3, 4, and 5

new soccer balls

We have lots of varieties of soccer balls from Champro, Vizari and Adidas to name just a few.

new soccer accessories

We have plenty of cones, shin guards (new and used), pennies, nets and goalie gloves for you to look at

used soccer cleats

 This is our USED cleat selection.  We have more in bins in the back.  Come by and upgrade or get a bigger size...but don't forget your used ones for trade in!