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Facebook Reviews

"Great selection of new and used adult & youth hockey gear at affordable prices. The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to help! Thank you for supporting the hockey community!" - Tabby P.

"Such a professional and friendly staff! Purchased a squat cage yesterday and they delivered it the same day after the store closed. I will definitely be back for plates for my new baby!" - Jodie H.

"Nearly my entire home gym to include a Smith Machine, an Air Rower, an airdyne bike, Rogue weights, a plyobox and more is all from Play It Again. They always have great customer service and know their products. Love them!!!" - Shannon W.P.

"Knowledgeable staff and great hockey selection in particular. I would absolutely recommend them." - Alec H.

Yelp Reviews

"Great place to do business, awesome personalized service. I bought a one-year old treadmill that runs like new but for far less than a new one. The business owner, Rich, and his employee Paul brought it over, partially disassembled it so it would fit down my basement stairwell, and set it up perfectly. They went over how to use it and made sure everything was in working order before they left. Both guys are extremely polite. This place will be my first stop for sports and fitness gear from now on. Rich is a career Air Force vet, which made me feel even better about supporting his shop." - Mike R.

"Wow... I am so impressed! I'm a Minnesota mom and my college girl is in Omaha. She went shopping for hockey skates and the first place she went to tried to sell her a pair of ill-fitting skates for $400! This place found a used pair that fit her wonderfully well and was only $50! So... fifty dolla holla! I am a happy momma!" - Sally I.

"So my son decided he wanted to play his first year of high school baseball, he hasn't played in a few years, and so we had ZERO equipment at home. Went to several stores where the cheapest bat was $100. Normally that wouldn't bother me, but I hate to invest in something that I'm unsure will be something he enjoys. I was standing in the sporting goods isle at target which doesn't carry high school bats and an employee asked if I had tried play it again. So I thanked him and that's where I ended up. The man who helped us (likely the owner) was insanely helpful in what to buy and was very understanding of my "beginners price point" the guy at checkout was equally as helpful and friendly and I got my son a bag, bat, batting gloves, and a catchers mit that were clearly used, but in no way trashed, all of which were name brand items for $85. I will do all my kiddos sports shopping there in the future! Awesome place, great staff, perfectly priced for what I was looking for!" - Jonnie A.

Google Reviews

"Hands down, best place to go. We were greeted by a staff full of knowledgeable and helpful employees who made my daughter feel confident about the gear she would be showing up to practice with." - Nicholas S.

"Great store! Well organized and clean! Exceptional customer service!" - Chris M.

"Friendly and good prices! Bring in your used stuff and they give you money or credit for it !" - James K.

"This place is amazing! Super helpful staff and great prices!" - Megan B.

"Great store for disc golf. Great selection of discs and bags. I haven't been in for anything other than disc golf. I've always had a good experience here, and can usually find what I'm looking for."  - Aaron C.


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8453 W Center Rd
Omaha, NE 68124
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